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Start your government approved and accredited tour guiding career with

Introduction to tourist guiding


Introduction to tourist guiding; 

Understand the Tourism Industry, give a definition of tourism and identify the tourism sectors  

Discuss the links between the tourism sectors and how these impact on tourism in the local community.


Practical tour conducting. 

Categories the types of tourists and their motivation for travel. Identify types of tourists, their motivation for travel and collating tourist information from a range of sources. Analyse the function of transport within their local community.


The Theory and the visiting points of:

South Africa’s Environment, community, Society & People. The periods of South African History The South African Economy South Africa’s Cultural Heritage;– Fauna & Flora – South Africa’s Government Institutions & Social Services


Kumani Skills - tourism guide training in partnership with Livingstone Tourism Academy offer full time and part time courses in Mpumalanaga Province. Tourism courses accredited by:
CATHSSETA (Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality, Sport Education and Training Authority of South Africa).  


Your South African Tourism Guide success begins
with our Training and Expertise.
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After our training - you will be able to show and explain visitors places of interest, such as historic buildings, gardens, religious sites, museums, monuments and art galleries.
If you’re good at public speaking, and you are interested in history and arts, this will be the ideal profession for you. The number of tourists visiting South Africa is constantly growing. You can see this in our Info graphic and good Tourist Guides are desperately needed. 

Employers, Tour operators and Tourists will ask for your CATHSSETA accreditation obtained from Livingstone Academy and Kumani Skills. Our courses in tourist guiding will enable you to provide the skills and knowledge of a Top Guide in South Africa.
Employers, Tour operators and Tourists will ask for your CATHSSETA accreditation obtained from Livingstone Academy and Kumani Skills. 

Kumani Skills

Course Dates, Fees and Registration

At Kumani Tour Guide Academy in Mpu,malanaga you can choose between full-time and part-time courses. You can become an South African Tourism Board accredited Tour Guide in a short period of time at very affordable fees. Why wait ? Become a CATHSSETA registered Tourist Guide in South Africa now.
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Kumani Skills

What you will learn at Kumani Skills Tour Guide Academy

To become a Culture Site Guide: Culture Site Guide: LEVEL 4 (SAQA ID: TGD/CulSGd/4/0031) Mpumalanaga Province Regional Guide) the prescribed unit standards must be achieved as well as the embedded knowledge of the various areas. After the two-week course and the first written examination, you will qualify as a Culture Site Guide and will be able to guide in the sub regions.
More details about the tourist guide courses Mpumalanaga

Kumani Skills

What does a Tourist Guide do?

Tour guides are responsible for informing and entertaining visitors. They must be well-educated in the subjects they are discussing. Guides can work in a variety of settings, including museums, historical landmarks, self-employed or with a travel company. They must select the most important and interesting information about the subject and present it to the visitors in a simple, yet appealing, way. Tour guides keep their assigned groups comfortable and stimulated over the whole time.
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Full Time and Part
Time Course dates

Tourist Guide Course

Tourist Guide Course

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